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Generating Realistic Human Like Voice’s With Google & Amazon’s Voice Engines Has Been Made EASY.

You’ll be amazed at all of the high-quality voices available inside of VoiceBuddy. Nothing comes close to natural-sounding speech to text. There are 141 of voices to choose from. The creators have combined Google Wave Net and Amazon Polly into the Voice Buddy platform. Therefore you’ll get the best of both worlds!

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English isn’t the only popular language today. That’s why they’ve made sure to include multiple languages inside of VoiceBuddy. This way you can create audio in some of the most popular languages today without missing a beat. There are 33 languages to choose from.

Voicebuddy is easy to use even for newbies. Listen, they’ve made using VoiceBuddy incredibly easy right out the gate. You simply cannot mess this up. Even if you have the technical skills of a blind caveman!

It really is simple as following 3 steps. But, if you want a little more advanced capabilities, VoiceBuddy can do that too… and they’ll show you how.

Step 1: Select your language and voice

Step 2: Paste your text into Voice Buddy

Step 3: Click to generate your audio

In a matter of minutes, VoiceBuddy will spit out a brand new audio file that sounds incredibly human.

Voice Buddy was created by Ali G and his partner Yogesh Agarwal. They are experts in the field of creating online marketing software through AliG Marketing LLC.

They have launched many products that bring success to many marketers such as: 1st Page Ranker, ViralVidly, LiveVidRanker, LingoBlaster, CryptoMatic360 and so on.

I appreciate the Voice Buddy tool — a software that helps online marketers especially video marketers to bring them huge profits from it.

What Are the Features of VoiceBuddy?

100% Customization At Your Fingertips

No other text to speech platform comes close!

Other text to speech software apps either includes Google Wave Net or Amazon Polly. Where’s the value in that? This, in our opinion, is incredibly underwhelming.

We wanted to up the stakes so we’ve programmed both into VoiceBuddy. But that’s only the beginning. There are also these incredible features like:

Easy To Use Dashboard

Everything is right where you need it. No clicking around trying to find the tools to use. The layout is designed to make sure you can start generating high-quality text to speech fast.

Text To Speech Editor

You’ll also be able to edit all of your text you put into VoiceBuddy at a moment’s notice. The wide layout makes sure you can comb over your text with ease.

Add Notes To Each Audio File

Had an idea for particular audio? No worries. Just click to add notes to any audio and you’ll never forget your thoughts and how to use that audio in the future.

Find Previously Created Audios Easily

They’re sure that once you get going with VoiceBuddy, you’re going to be creating tons of audio files from text. That’s why they’ve made finding any audio easy just by doing a simple search.

100% Cloud-Based

No need to install anything. You’ll also love the fact that VoiceBuddy doesn’t require you to download or install anything. This works on every device you have.

Doesn’t matter if you have a PC, Mac, Chromebook, Tablet, or Smartphone. If you want to generate speech from text, just simply log in from your device, add your script and click submit. And in a few minutes, you’ll have a fresh brand new audio file ready to attract listeners.

Export and use with any software you choose

The great thing about VoiceBuddy is that you can download every single audio you create quickly and easily by mp3 format. This will allow you to import to every possible software available because mp3 is the normal format that a lot of software take nowadays.

It doesn’t matter the app. We guarantee that the audio you download from VoiceBuddy will play nicely with each and every single one.

Plus, you can also:

  • Set Emphasis How You Like
  • Set Say As
  • Set The Pitch of Your Audio
  • Adjust The Speed of Speech
  • Set Breaks For More Natural Talking
  • Set Paragraph Breaks
  • Set Sentence Breaks

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How does VoiceBuddy work?

In this section of VoiceBuddy Review, I’m going to show you how Voice Buddy works and gonna give you a brief walkthrough on the entire system.

Once you log in you will see this screen. This is our dashboard where you can get a complete overview of all your projects, you can see the audios that has been generated, total count of audios videos and subusers of your account.

You can see all the audio is generated from Amazon’s Polly engine and ll the audios from Google’s Wavenet platform.

If you want to play audio, you can just play directly from here, or if you want to download it, you just need to click on the download button to download this particular audio.

Now let’s move to the main system that is to create audio. Let’s see how the audio engine for Google’s Wavenet works.

Go to the Text To Speech (Wave net) section, you will see the screen here. First, you need to enter a project name.

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